This is how you make new year’s resolution.


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Are you thinking of making a new year’s resolution for 2021, then you better read this article because this one article can make 2021 the most productive year of your life so far.

It’s December and New Year is just around the corner. A new year sparks the idea of new year’s resolution in the minds of the doers and achievers.

People make new year’s resolutions to accomplish their goals and improve their life.

But often people fail to continue with their resolution due to a lack of clarity, vision, and motivation. Make sure that it’s not you, by applying some simple principles given in this article.

Why one must set a new year’s resolution

A new year brings new hope. It’s an opportunity to start a new life. It is a new beginning wherein you forget about your past mistakes, failures and dump all your worries and sometimes even start from scratch.

The whole world is desperately waiting to start the new chapter of their life, hoping to make it a joyful, productive, and memorable one.

At this time, there is a wave of positive energy in the air, originated from the jubilant souls of you, me, and billions of others around the world who are curious to start the new year.

So there is no better time than new year’s eve to set some good-for-you goals for a healthier and happier life.

What one must consider while making a new year’s resolution

Set an achievable, meaningful, and specific goal

If your goal is to win an international marathon race at the end of 2021, chances are you might not win it, especially when you have taken up running for the first time.

But if you prepare for it, train for it, you might end up completing the marathon race rather than winning it. Which is a great achievement in itself.

When we are in an excited state, we often assume that we can achieve anything. But as the excitement lowers, the possibilities of achieving the task diminishes.

So the best time to set your goals is when your mind is at sanity. It is then when you have a proper understanding of your current situation and your surrounding. That is when you set meaningful and achievable goals.

Being specific about what exactly you want to achieve will save your time and efforts to a great extend. Knowing what you want is halfway there, now you only need to figure out how you are gonna accomplish it.

Have a realistic plan to achieve your goals

When your goals are realistic and achievable, it is easy to prepare a plan with similar characteristics.

A plan is a road-map to success, but it’s not always that you will find the road to success at the first go. You are bound to lose the path, especially in a long run.

What you can do is get back on the right path. Make a flexible plan, have room for mistakes, errors, and changes. Let your plan evolve as you get better, rather than keeping it stiff.

Know one thing, you can compromise on your plan but not on your goal.

Write a journal or a diary, or use a note-taking app

Measure and note down your progress using any above medium. Compare the past data with your current status. It will help you to identify the areas which require improvement so that you can take appropriate actions for future endeavors.

Noting down gives you an overview of your journey so far. It is a place where you can look for inspiration when you are low. It is a constant reminder, reminding you of the reason why you took up this challenge in the first place.

Prioritize your goals

Find out what are the top five things you need to achieve this year and ensure that you work for them under all circumstances.

Always there will be distractions, like your friends calling you for a party or you having a family function. But you need to find a few hours of your day and dedicate them to your goals. In short, what I want to tell you is that remove the temptations.

Remember this, don’t waste your precious time on the things which aren’t going to matter to you in the next five years.

Have a proper unit to measure your progress

Consider you want to lose weight, and you are working out for the last two weeks. But when you see yourself in the mirror, you don’t notice any tangible changes.

This makes you sad and distressed, and therefore you decide to give up the process, thinking it is not giving any outcome.

Often we are too eager to see the results. But results are not achieved overnight. We must find out the correct time-frame or the units to measure, record, and compare the progress.

Achieve your goals through fun activities

Sometimes it is hard to achieve something through a typical route. But there are always alternatives for everything.

Suppose you are overweight and want to shed some pounds. For this, a typical route will be getting a gym membership which you will rarely make use of.

Instead, find an alternative. If you like being outdoor, then get yourself a bicycle, ride around your neighborhood, ride around your town, be in nature, and simultaneously lose that chunk of fat while having fun.

Join a community

Joining a like-minded community is the best way to get naturally motivated. Members of a community have unique knowledge and experiences. They work as a guide in your journey. You can learn a lot from these people.

Also, you get to share your experiences, ask questions, and get them cleared by experts in the field. Along with the community, you also grow as an individual.

Announce your goals publicly

In the age of the internet, it the social media platform where we hang out the most. Announcing your goals on social media will keep you on your toes.

Performance pressure exerted by social media is like a double-edged sword. Some might thrive while some might shrink under the pressure.

This technique will not work for everyone, as many of us want to keep it private for several reasons. Some are afraid of thinking ‘what if I fail to achieve it’ while others want to surprise the world with their results.

What one must avoid while making a new year’s resolution

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Setting up your resolution based on the trends and society’s views

Often we get carried away by the hot trends running on the internet and all around us. And in these misleading times, we often pick up the wrong challenge for ourselves.

Such challenges do not last for more than a week. Never let society or a trend decides for you. Have enough self-control and self-confidence to choose what is best for you.

Overcrowding your resolution

Sometimes you want to achieve a maximum number of things in a given time. As a result, not a single task is performed the way it should have been.

Such situations are confusing and exhausting and soon you will give up on your resolution. You only got 24 hours in a day, therefore avoid overcrowding your resolution.

Remember Quality is always preferred over quantity.

Getting influenced by the naysayers

When you start to form some new habits, there will be some people along the way who will demotivate you, saying you can’t do it, or it’s not for you.

Just ignore them. Don’t let them enter your head and spoil your vision. Be firm on your path and believe in the process.

When to start with the new year’s resolution

People often start the new year in the worst possible way. The 31st-night hangover keeps them tied to their lazy and procrastinating former selves. And the whole idea of breaking free from these demons dies the next day itself.

Instead began the practice of new year’s resolution two weeks before the first of January. It is that time wherein you get to experiment with your resolution. You can find out what works for you and what does not, and accordingly make adjustments and changes in the resolution.

And even if you miss your resolution’s routine on the first of January, you can consider it as a rest day and get back to it on the following day.

Apart from the above advantages you also get a head start over your competitors. Getting some extra time to get familiar with the new routine is always advantageous.

How to continue the new year’s resolution for a whole year.

The success rate of a new year’s resolution is low and unpredictable. But what you can predict is your own success. So here are some of the hacks you can try to keep up with your resolution.

It’s about tiny little decisions

It’s not about the big ambitious goals which we have, it’s about breaking down these goals into more manageable decisions. It’s about tiny little decisions that you need to make correctly and make marginal improvement along the way.

Let me explain it with the help of an example. If you want to read 50 books a year, it might look like a huge task. But if you start reading just a word, then a sentence, followed by a paragraph and then a page and so on, you can finish reading a book within no time.

But the most important task is to get started. It is about that tiny decision wherein you decide to keep aside your mobile phone and pick up a book. Unknowingly our lives are molded by such tiny decisions.

The process is more important than the result

Focus on the process rather than the results, because if you do not enjoy the process, you won’t put in the work. It is the daily efforts that compound over time, giving you the final results.

Surround yourself with as many clues as possible, which will continuously remind you of your goals. For example, set a wallpaper regarding your goal on your phone, have posters, quotes in your bedroom, etc. This will motivate you to take daily actions.

Destroy the comfort, because growth and comfort never coexist

Sometimes you will feel like taking a day off and just relax. And it’s completely fine. Your body won’t have the same energy every day. Some days it will be low, and that is when you feel like missing the sessions.

But keep in mind, once miss a day it becomes a habit. Don’t break the chain. Your lizard brain likes to be in comfort, it will lure you with temptations to be in comfort.

To avoid this trap you just need to put in the least effort possible that day. When energy levels are low just get out there and try not to break the chain, and when energy levels are high you will compensate for the under-performed days.

Make your routine easy to execute

Start with the easy stuff and then progress towards the harder one, because if you start at a higher difficulty, then you might lose interest and give up on a challenge. Also don’t start with a challenge that is too easy, as you might also lose interest in that case. Find your balance.



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I’ve told you the secretes I know, secretes which have worked for me. But I cannot kick you out of your couch. It’s you who needs to get up, go to your desk and prepare your new year’s resolution.

I can see the hunger for growth in you, which has pushed you to read this article until this point. I am sure you’ll achieve all your goals.

I hope, I was able to help you in some way, please do comment, let me know your feedback. Share this article with your friends because you never know it can change someone’s life forever.

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